About the company

About the company

“Interenergo” LLC engineering company was founded in 2004. The main line of work of the company is supply of equipment and pipelines for nuclear and thermal power plants, as well as for gas and petrochemical enterprises.

Welcome to Interenergo LLC!

Interenergo LLC is a fast growing innovative engineering company with a proven fourteen years’ experience and a unique team of professionals. Our customers’ satisfaction form the basis of the company strategy and all operational processes.

Today the company combines two key areas of activity:

  • EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) services in the field of energy.

The company has its own strong design and engineering center with more than 50 designers. We have profound knowledge and a broad experience in design, «turnkey» delivery and construction and installation works for the objects of small- and large-scale power generation, primarily in the supply of heat recovery boilers, fuel processing systems, pipelines and auxiliary systems for the boiler island. Strong and long-term relationships with our partner suppliers all over the world enable us to execute the projects for our customers effectively and efficiently.

  • production of pipelines and of pipeline elements of high, medium and low pressure for the most critical and demanding applications (nuclear and thermal power, oil and gas, petrochemical and chemical industry).

The company is the only exclusive representative for pipelines producing plant TMM-Energobud (Malynivka, Kharkiv region, Ukraine) at the Customs Union. It is one of the most advanced (the plant was launched in 2010) and innovative manufacturers of pipelines and pipeline elements within the CIS with a number of unique competitive advantages from the manufacturing technology to really competitive production timescale and cost. The plant personnel is ready to design and bring to life the most challenging tasks of our customers around the world. Bends — that’s what we are the best in the market in!

Our key area of activity is built on the three basic principles we develop in the company:

  • Automated effective project management system enabling us to manage each project effectively and to provide all the necessary support and information to our customers is implemented in the company.
  • SCM (supply chain management) is the key competence we develop in the company, from the planning systems, partner suppliers development and logistics. It enables us to provide the most competitive efficient and optimal «turnkey» solutions to our customers
  • The company personnel is our core asset. Development and investment in the company personnel, employment of the best professionals in the market, the creation of open business culture are the principles which we conduct our activities on.

Despite the difficult economic environment in Russia and across the globe, Interenergo LLC keeps developing, investing in production, personnel, customer service.

We look forward to working with you!