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Pipelines and pipeline components

Pipelines and pipeline components

“Interenergo” LLC specializes in packaged supply of pipeline systems for various facilities, including the execution of surveying and design works and detailed design development for the manufactured products.

“Interenergo” LLC is in possession of the equipment, tooling and measuring instruments fully providing the technological process of manufacturing and control of pipeline components.

The fittings are designed both for minor and major customers.

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“Interenergo” LLC has its own Construction Department. The particularity of each object, nonserial production requires a special attitude and professional competence of the Construction Department work, making it an important part of the manufacturing process. “Interenergo” LLC Construction Department is staffed by highly qualified personnel.

The company has the capability of manufacturing pipeline fittings (elbows, tees, flanges, bottoms, coils, vessels and instruments) with nominal inside diameter up to DN 1500 inclusive for the oil and gas and chemical industry companies. The pipe reducers for oil and gas and chemical industries are manufactured in full accordance with the technical requirements ТУ 1469-002-33889106-2015.

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Advanced modern equipment for bending, welding and heat treatment allows “Interenergo” LLC to produce pipelines and fittings in accordance with the most stringent international standards such as ASME (the USA), DIN (Germany), EN (European Union) and GOST (Russia).

Manufacturing equipment, welding equipment and operators are certified by a third party inspection authority for compliance with the Indian Boiler Regulations (IBR).

The manufactured production is delivered to the storage facility of about 4,200 square meters total in area, equipped with all the necessary equipment, such as cranes and fork lifts, providing rapid movement of the finished product.