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Engineering services

Отраслевые решения

“Interenergo” LLC has its own Design Service allowing the successful implementation of complex solutions, including design, in cooperation with almost all CIS design and sectoral research institutions.

The scope of implemented tasks includes the design/construction of:

  • Steam, hot water, power, recovery boilers;

  • Heat transfer equipment;

  • Pressure vessels;

  • Steam and hot water pipelines;

  • Industrial pipelines;

  • CCGT gas supply systems;

  • Metalware;

  • Equipment under the customer’s specific conditions

The Design Service experts of “Interenergo” LLC, accounting for about 45 people, shall always offer the optimal designs solution both of traditional steels and of modern high-chromium steels such as Russian 10X9МФБ-Ш or its European analogue X10CrMoVNb9-1(P91).

The existing Design Service tasks:

  • Working design documentation development

  • Working design documentation approval

  • Participation in the pre-contractual activities: requests consideration and study, technical and commercial proposals preparation

  • Designer supervision of manufacture