Pursuant to the contracts LLC «Interenergo» within the scope of the warranty obligations responses promptly to the customers’ claims and bears liability for non-compliance of the contracts.

As agreed with the customer LLC «Interenergo» provides post-warranty service of the supplied equipment and the performed work / service results in compliance with the requirements of the contracts.

LLC «Interenergo» implements a package approach to post-warranty service: from maintenance to proposals for optimization of operating conditions of the equipment and pipelines, including the necessary diagnostics and surveys.

In order to perform warranty obligations and service LLC «Interenergo» has at its disposal:

  • the skilled personnel who inspects and identifies as soon as possible the inconsistencies at the customer's facilities, gives recommendations or remedies inconsistencies;

  • the certified nondestructive testing laboratory and specialists;

  • the design team which develops optimal solutions to remedy inconsistencies;

  • partnership relations with the manufacturers of elements, equipment and materials;

  • partnership relations with the industry research organizations;

  • the set of spare parts for the supplied equipment (as the customer requires).