One of Interenergo areas of activity is thermal power industries fitting supply. The essential criteria for fitting manufacturers selection by Interenergo LLC is the quality of the delivered products and the compliance with all the necessary technical requirements for the order implementation. Interenergo LLC has selected the leading valve industry plants of the Czech Republic and Germany as its partners.

Experience of cooperation with Stahl-Armaturen PERSTA plant (Germany).

Stahl-Armaturen PERSTA Company has been one of the leading companies in the field of manufacture of a wide range of high-quality shut-off valving (gates, valves, filters, back-pressure valves, locking devices for hydraulic tests) since 1496. The quality of the manufactured products is carefully checked by the plant quality control department during the entire equipment production cycle. The equipment fully complies with the TP TC, DIN and EN standards. In order to maintain the reputation of a reliable manufacturer Stahl-Armaturen PERSTA Company conducts the acceptance testing with the customer’s participation.

For the needs of Interenergo LLC Stahl-Armaturen PERSTA company has successfully carried out the delivery of high pressure pipeline fittings including main steam valves operating at ultra-high parameters with excessive pressure protection device.

Functional testing. Gate valve

Experience of cooperation with ARMATURY Group a.s. Company

ARMATURY Group a.s. Company of 2000 is one of the leading Czech industrial fittings manufacturers, the company has a successful experience of the fittings supplies to the Russian Federation. All the fittings manufactured by ARMATURY Group a.s. undergo thorough quality control in accordance with the international standards, as well as a set of activities in accordance with the Russian Federation quality requirements is carried out at the customer’s request.

ARMATURY Group a.s. company carried out manufacturing and delivery of process water supply fittings for the needs of Interenergo LLC within the framework of the project of Perm SDPP 800 MW CCGT construction implementation.

Swing flanged butterfly valve with electrical drive, DN 2000; PN = 0,6 MPa,

packaged with counter flanges according to GOST 12820-80, fasteners and gaskets.

Medium — process water, t min = 1°C, t max = 45,2°C, P min = 0,03 MPa, P max = 0,35 MPa

Climatic category: УХЛ 3

Functional testing

Products ready for packaging

Experience of cooperation with STRACK GMBH (Germany)

Strack offers a wide range of high-quality first-class products, providing long-term reliability and safety of operation at the thermal power plants, chemical, petrochemical plants and refineries. Strack offers to the customers the fittings meeting both national and international standards such as DIN, PED, TRD, API, ASME, GOST and so on.

Thanks to the highly qualified engineers and unique manufacturing equipment Strack produces high-quality products for long-term reliable operation at the customer.

Strack quality assurance program is certified according to DIN ISO 9001 and contains EURO CHLOR, UOP, MIRO, ABB certifications.

All of the following equipment was included in the order of Interenergo LLC, total Strack equipment supply exceeding 2000 pieces.

Shut-off valves of S21 type

The valves are designed without cover for DN15–DN50 diameters.

Lifting non-rotating stem. Strap equipped with needle bearings. The valve is very simple in maintenance and may be fitted with any drive with no disassembling from the pipeline.

Shut-off valves of S22 type

The valves have a self-sealing cover for DN50–DN300 diameters.

All the elements of the valve top part, such as gaskets, glands, covers, plugs, straps are designed identically to the gate valves elements and have the same advantages.

Gate valve

Type S15

Parallel disks

Type S22

Back flow valve, control plunger