LLC «Interenergo» is ready to design, manufacture and supply the following boiler unit types:

  • unique for the Russian Federation solid, liquid and gaseous fuel operated tower-type boilers, including those for supercritical parameters manufactured using the technology and design of Steinmüller Engineering (Germany):
  • Advantages: smaller construction area, light weight, more earthquake-proof against the boilers of conventional design with equal capacity.
  • conventional power boilers generated steam for the steam turbines in a wide range of superheated steam characteristics: from the pressure of 1.2 MPa and temperature of 250°С to supercritical parameters 28 MPa and 600-620°С;
  • hot water boilers and waste heat boilers (WHB) for hot water supply and heating of industrial, residential and public buildings, for heating of delivery water at the TPPs;
  • waste heat boilers for operation as part of the combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) units or CCGT superstructures at the existing TPPs which cover all range of the relevant gas turbine capacities: between 8 and 370 MW; they are designed on an individual basis for each specific gas turbine;
  • industrial boilers which generate steam both for the steam turbines and for the company’s process/own requirements (BOP). The boilers manufactured using such technology use industrial low-Btu gas as a fuel, in particular, iron and steel plant gases (coke, blast furnace and converter gases), sorted solid domestic waste, chemical and petrochemical plant gases.