Non-destructive testing laboratory

The laboratory carries out non-destructive testing of welded joints and base metal of thermal mechanical equipment, pipelines, metal structures as well as the installation work results for:

  • thermal power plants;

  • nuclear power plants;

  • metallurgy industry facilities;

  • oil and gas industry;

  • explosion hazardous and chemically hazardous industries;

  • buildings and structures.

The following methods are used:

  • visual and dimensional inspection;

  • ultrasonic detection and thickness measurement;

  • dye penetrant inspection;;

  • metallographic spar spectroscope;

  • metal hardness measurement;

  • radiation monitoring;

  • leak detection.

The Nondestructive Testing Laboratory of LLC «Interenergo» is certified in compliance with the applicable laws, is equipped with the advanced, tested and calibrated equipment using the state-of-the-industry consumables.

The high qualified personal is employed by the Nondestructive Testing Laboratory of LLC «Interenergo».

Certificate of Attestation of the Nondestructive Testing Laboratory

Certificate of Attestation of the Testing Laboratory

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